Save attachment to GOS from SAPUI5 Fiori

Here is a simple walkthrough on uploading a file through SAPUI5 interface and saving it as a GOS attachment in SAP system. This example uses purchase order business object (BUS2012). If you plan to use another type of document, you should find corresponding business object and change it accordingly. Create a structure to transfer media […]

ABAP by numbers: Length of decimal type

Inequality between length and maximum digit count of packed decimal type causes great confusion even among seasoned developers. ABAPDOCU explains the relation with a fairly complicated formula: Depending on the field length len and the number of decimal places dec, the following applies to the value range: (-10^(2len-1) +1) / (10^(+dec)) to (+10^(2len-1) -1) /(10^(+dec)) […]